In the essay mother tongue what is a stereotype that amy tan addresses in the article

Also, Tan does not simply explain the way her mother talks, but presents her utterance line by line showing distinctive features like lack of grammaticality of her language. In the beginning if her essay, Tan realizes that she uses different kind of English according to the situation.

She makes her readers to have sympathetic emotions for her mother and hostile emotion for people who was rude to her by presenting vividly depicted personal anecdote.

Tan repeatedly claims that her mother tongue is not an inferior language, but it has its own value like standard English. She does not end her essay by listing her personal experiences. This procedure makes her anecdotes more authentic and vivid that makes readers feel like they are actually listening to the utterances.

She raises her topic to a social level to make people discuss the following issue. Once more, she comes back to her personal experience the she overcame the social stereotype of Asian American, and succeeded to be a writer. Tan successfully makes her readers emotionally attached to her personal stories and makes them to find values in the variation of English.

She usually writes about the mother and daughter relationship. She presents personal anecdotes relative to her mother.

Her personal anecdotes not only support her argument but also appeal to pathos. Her essay can be seen as a just collection of anecdotes, but she definitely has an argument in her essay. She also encourages her aimed readers to challenge the stereotype on them.

After she shows the way that her mother talks, she tells us two stories about her mother that she received unfair treatment in bank and hospital because of her language.

While she tries to answer this question, she broadens the subject of the essay from her and her mother to Asian American society. Why does she think that easiness is an essence of her writing?

Analysis ”Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan Essay Sample

She shows the way her mother speaks English imperfectly and how her mother was treated rudely by various people because of her language.

This personal experience clearly shows that there is discrimination toward the people who cannot speak English fluently. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Her language, as I hear it, is vivid, direct, full of observation and imagery.

Also, she lets her readers to compare her stories to their own and make them to think thoroughly about their own languages.

She suggests answers to this question by her essay.

By helping her readers to relate themselves with her hardships and also her success as a writer, she inspires them to challenge the negative assumption on them.

Also, she does not end her essay with her personal stories but broadens the topic to a social level. Then, she suggests reasons of the change in her own speaking.

She delivers her message by telling us detailed and lively portrayed anecdotes. In this essay, Tan is likely to reach out to immigrant families that went through similar hardships on communication that she and her mother experienced. She could get good grades on math and science, while she struggled with English achievement tests.

She maintains that regarding variation of English as an inferior one should be rejected and revised. Tan evoke hostility in the reader toward people shows disrespectful behaviors to people who use variation of English.

However, they did not apologize to her mother, and they wanted her have another appointment to get a diagnosis.

She maintains that Asian American students could be steered away from writing by the teachers who assume that they are good at math and science, not English writing.Mother Tongue, by Amy Tan - mother tounge Author: Heather Simon Created Date: Z.

The primary purpose of Tan's "Mother Tongue" is to orient the readers about the author's intepretation of differentiating Standard English and broken English.

What Is the Main Idea of Amy Tan's

Another purpose of writing such book is the fact that Amy Tan has spent much of her time in America, but she was born in China. Amy Tan, an Asian-American writer of the article Mother Tongue loves the different “Englishes” that can be spoken.

In the article, she shares her personal feelings of when she was younger; her embarrassment of her mother’s English and even her own struggle with the language. Amy Tan's Mother Tongue Essay Response: Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue” In the essay “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan (), which discusses her mother’s way of speaking through “broken English”, Tan explores the different “Englishes” that she has come into contact with in her everyday life; these variations have presented struggles in her.

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Mother Tongue

Amy Tan is a well known Chinese American writer who is famous for her major work, The Joy luck club. She usually writes about the mother and daughter relationship. The essay “Mother Tongue” was originally published in The Threepenny Review in and also included in The Best American Short Storiesedited by Joyce Carol Oates.

In the essay mother tongue what is a stereotype that amy tan addresses in the article
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