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If you are unable to provide a letter from your current direct supervisor, include a brief note of explanation in the Additional Information section of the online application.

They take a look at the class profile If you do not score well on standardized testing, provide other evidence of your quantitative readiness for an MBA program.

Show them that you can follow instructions. For example, family or personal problems, illness, or economic difficulties can often contribute to poor performance.

Over the last three years, clients have been awarded more than In most cases, however, this question is in addition to one or two other admissions essays, and is intended to give candidates space to address any red flags or gaps in their MBA application.

Wharton asks one of each Type 1 First-time applicants can use this essay if you feel there are extenuating circumstances of which the Committee should be aware words Type 2 Please use the space below to highlight any additional information that you would like the Admissions Committee to know about your candidacy.

They are well suited to recommend because they are familiar with my personality, accomplishments, and growth potential. Keep it positive If you are currently unemployed, share an exciting story about how your are building your skills or volunteering in your community Use this essay as an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to recognize opportunity and make the most of a bad situation Finally, as with any optional essay, keep your answer concise 2.

Ramble on to other areas.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Submitting an Optional Essay

The operative phrase in the following question is "about you": In any event with good grades in the quant classes that an engineering degree normally implies, AdCom are probably not going to be too concerned about your quant skills.

The UC system at large wants to create and cultivate a community that reflects the diversity of its population. I have an engineering background, and scored a on the GMAT. However, if the low marks were in English, accounting and finance may not help much.

Next, explain what action you took to address your circumstances. Building an alternative transcript is a good idea for some but it really depends on what your weak areas were in UG.

Which programs have the best rapport with applicants? Quite simply, it exists only to address the questions that an admissions committee member might have after they review the required materials.

Is the MBA admissions Optional Essay truly optional?

What are we looking for? What do we mean by this?

Haas’ Optional Essay: Addressing Barriers Of Power & Privilege

If you were laid off from your job and it took you six months to find a new one, just state that and briefly mention how you have grown from the experience.

Try to provide concrete examples of your improvement, backing up your claims with numbers and statistics where possible. Do not waste their time by writing more reasons here. End the essay by explaining what these challenges have taught you and how you have grown as a person and a professional.

Whatever circumstances surround your case, explain them clearly, being careful to avoid self-pity. It is also a good space to acknowledge a very low GPA or GMAT, and to point to other factors that are more indicative of your potential.

They asked that question. Your current direct supervisor is not submitting a letter of recommendation on your behalf. For quick context, the new prompts to optional essay 1 ask candidates to answer three questions by choosing from a list of options: You do not want to ignore these issues; the schools may think that you are being evasive.

MBA Admissions Tips: Optional Essay Do’s And Don’ts

How did you move to change careers or directions? If you do have any past disciplinary actions academic suspension or arrestsimply state how you learned from your past mistake and make it clear that it will not happen again.

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If you can clarify and provide the necessary context in just a few sentences, do that. AdComs know this fact. Should you say anything here? Do you have any C, D or F grades that need explaining? How about in your professional career? AdCom are going to look at your transcript in detail whether you tell them to or not.This post originally appeared on Stacy’s “Strictly Business” MBA Blog on killarney10mile.com When your business school application lands on an MBA admissions committee member’s desk, the member takes a hard look at two important metrics:.

In this short video, Linda Abraham explores the two kinds of optional essays, who should write them, and what should go into them. Don’t miss the crucial warning at the end. The optional essay is an opportunity for you to explain problems or issues that the admissions committee will likely notice anyway, and by proactively addressing the topic, you can essentially "get ahead of the scandal.".

Is the MBA admissions Optional Essay truly optional? Clients often ask me how to use "additional" or "optional" information to their advantage.

The Optional MBA Essay, Explained

Please watch these videos are read the below tips to find some answers. We realize that the questions of whether to answer an optional essay and, if so, what to say are ones that loom large for many MBA applicants at this time of year. 4 Reasons to Write an Optional Business School Application Essay These supplemental MBA essays are great for addressing academic .

Optional essay mba
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